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Empty Chamber
The last bandage removed from the wounds of malice; the last curse levied at a heart like a heart, a mind like a mind; the chamber emptied for all time to our profound relief and our final posterity.
I do not know how we did it, and yet it came to be done; I don't know from where it came, but we found it in us just the same.
This gun was laid down, and never damned our hand again. The chamber emptied, not through angry combustion, but through our collective will.
This day, evermore, we can start our mornings, as our brother, as our sister, forward, and let humanity breathe, at last, as one.
And it started, so very, very long ago, beyond all memory, with me.
But not only me.
:iconcatspringer:CatSpringer 0 2
For Andrea
Pine wind's victory, motorcycle flight, suds on your hands
Your first breath of morning, regardless of the night before
Pages turned, cigarettes burned out, what you see on the ceiling
When the white fires come, a life you dance to
The youth looking upon youth, mine to yours, from a peaceful cell
And all the things I cannot know from shuttered, European, eyes
One wild-ish movement, drunken, a weaving of arms
I would own but one memory of yours, the thrill of day
The sudden laughter, my Andrea's unsheltered satisfaction
If I could, the thief, the very thief of your experience
But one hour -- one song-released hour -- you'll never know again
Because it will now be mine, stolen, by my kindest greed, mine
I would own you but thirty seconds
And call it a grand life
:iconcatspringer:CatSpringer 0 1
Trystan Julliard by CatSpringer Trystan Julliard :iconcatspringer:CatSpringer 0 0
To T.J.
And when the blue envelope of her breath
Opened, free, of conscious thought
Her words became the hue of caramel novas
I become two persons, one, of the moment, gone
And the second imprinted in dream
So the film strip of 'almost' tells me
How high her ghost hand reaches
Beyond earth limits of creaking trees
And empty night streets that darken to its ends
She never could dance for shit
But her movements are so free, free
Though her body was never for me
And yet
Her cap pulled down one eye, midnight wise
The last days, the blue kimono night
Of pale robed arms lifting in greeting, a holy heat
Drifting past my limited vision
A cloud dark face of withheld love
And I don't care I seriously don't care
Because I can see, I can
And here, young, at the edge of that sea
Her wake carving legs sipping the tide
And I am young, I am ever young
Until, to her, I can no longer see
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Her dreams belong to me, 1st version.
Can eyes larger be
And yet be shuttered
Against all comers, all pain?
Can dreams of angels
Fuse her skin into air & fire
And light the night into shame?
She is the princess
Of a lost time, an age
Where simple longings sigh.
And her dreams belong to me.
Back into her bed she falls
Pulling decades with her
Into full-breasted song.
And with my words I sing
To find her heart
Like twisted strings
A ghost of time
A hope of love
A shifting of sand
A roar of hope
A shine of eyes
And her dreams belong to me.
:iconcatspringer:CatSpringer 0 0
For Princess-Akiyara, My Muse
Her chiffon whispered my name with each turn
Of her patterned, dark rose stockings
and kneeling, I look upward to the lace lightning
that twines my fingers and my hands cease to be
I must not look up beyond my phantom hands
for she thunders, goddess-eyed, into my youthening
There is no bearing this, there is no easy escape
There is only the laced waves closing over my head
The chiffon rising, rising, rising, rising
And I, for the last time, rise too
:iconcatspringer:CatSpringer 0 0
This for Bobi.
Would your eyes make shimmer in my night
Glistening with hidden hopes, hiding little
I would rise upward into your honied skies
And name the night, beyond all dark, after you.
:iconcatspringer:CatSpringer 0 0
Twilight of the Gods 001
Redeem me, Oh Muses. All I have that are my own are my Words, and even these are given me by you. So praises to you, praises! If my stories do not benefit or amuse Man nor Woman, it does not matter; so long as they please you, for I came from you, and to you I will one day return.
My Tale.
Once Upon a Time, as all good stories begin: There was a man who dreamed of wings. He was sleeping, all but naked, under the sweltering summer night skies. His sleeping was fitful because he was a hero, although he would not have thought himself so.
He pushed himself up sluggishly from the open fire escape landing where he slept, because in his muddled mind he thought the wings might be the return of the harpy, a very real harpy, who he had slain many times before. But there was nothing there.
Well almost: there *was* the patter of running feet, and the laughter of a harlequin, and the clink of bangles worn on the brown arms of the most beautiful, vexing Hindu woman in the world. The man would rather
:iconcatspringer:CatSpringer 0 0
I thought that when you were gone
I thought
That when you were gone
That I could write no more
The dreams would fall
As dusty rain.
But I was wrong
The drops themselves
Are now become flame
The words have never had
More power
And now I write
To the sky
:iconcatspringer:CatSpringer 0 0
It Is What It Is by CatSpringer It Is What It Is :iconcatspringer:CatSpringer 1 0
To The Muse
Once Upon a Time I was an interested man.
Once Upon a Time I was a frightened man.
Once Upon a Time I was a caring man.
Once Upon a Time I was an angry man.
Once Upon Many Times I was a confused man.
Once Upon a Time I was a patient man.
Once Upon a Time I was a lucky, very lucky man.
Once, Well, Always I was a curious man.
Once Upon a Time I was a loving man.
Once, Twice, Twenty Times I was a sad man.
Once, Even Now, I'm an understanding man.
Always I am a hopeful man.
Today I am a dreaming man.
Because it was love, once.
No, it was, truly. But, for me,
We are past love.
And Now we are under the waves.
:iconcatspringer:CatSpringer 0 5
The Stream
You sleep while I write this, and you dream, and I hope it's a dream you'll remember, because:
   It is the complete darkness cut only by the fairy stream, the one I've taken you to before. I honestly have, and it would be bad form for you to have forgotten, but granted, dreams are tricksy that way...
   But don't you remember it? I don't take your hand, it's unnecessary (but felt all the same), and you lift high, higher into the black, the starless night, the pure velvet interior of a dreaming mind, and there, and there --
   Is the stream, running smooth and swift, its jelly depths smiling back with fairy lights, with all the Christmas and Halloween colors for you to remember. Don't you? Please remember: The interior glow of bluebells, marigold, naiad tears, persimmon, roses -- for you, roses -- and you can trail your fingers down into the cool waters, and who is the fairy in flight but you?
   It is the Greatest Dream I kno
:iconcatspringer:CatSpringer 3 0
Mature content
America. :iconcatspringer:CatSpringer 1 3
A short breakfast.
How deep does a root go before it cracks the world apart?
How deep does beauty go before it saves the world entire?
Let's find out over breakfast.
Let's find it out tomorrow.
:iconcatspringer:CatSpringer 2 0
I press my hand
I press my hand deeper
Till it is fully enveloped
The stars wink out one by one
And the sweetness is unbearable.
:iconcatspringer:CatSpringer 2 0
Make me young again
Touch me once
I know you
Touch me again
And I don't remember
Glass is your skin
Empty glass your eye
Make me young again
Touch me
As your robe falls open
Young breast
Concealed, shadowed
Tell me to look up
Oh, the shock of your lip
Make me young again
Touch me
Make me walk forward
Out of my sleeping youth
Call me out, use my name
Reveal your hip
Breathe out, again
Fright me with love
Make me young again
Touch me
I dream you glass
In distant sunset sands
I cannot reach out
Touch me
Please, Muse
Before my last word fails
Before the heated sleep
Before the faces rain
Before you never were
And now you never were
Touch me young again
:iconcatspringer:CatSpringer 2 0

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To my lovely and talented friends -- and the 3 of you out there still reading my poetry (poetry? what poetry?) -- I wish you & yours a happy season. Stay safe and, of course, warm.


Cat Springer
Artist | Other
United States
I am a sporadic poet from Savannah, Georgia, in America. I appreciate female beauty in history, art, popular culture, and, of course, here on dA. So if I look on you and sigh, fear not! I am but a poor poet, ever looking for inspiration. Beauty Endures.

Current Residence: Savannah, Georgia, USA


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